Monday, December 3, 2012

Summer 2012

It's been awhile since I've updated this page. I hope to be more prompt this Winter and from now on, enjoy. The summer of 2012 included some nice trail runs, new territory, new friends, and new peaks.
Now, Winter is approaching and we are all waiting for the big storm to paste the mountains with some good powder.
The 2012 ski mountaineering season is knocking at the door, so let's hope for a great winter for all.
Included are a few pictures from this summer 2012
As well as couple pics from today's ski tour on Teton Pass, WY 12/03/12

Bella dog

Green River, Utah
Award tiles

Play Play Play

Moving fast in the Tetons

Friends in the mountains

Faithful companion

Pike's Peak Ascent 2012

Mt. Wheeler, Top of New Mexico 2012

Le French

Top of Colorado - Mt. Elbert 2012

Great Salt Lake

Another dog shot - today 12/03/12 on Teton Pass

Bella reflection on Spiral Jetty

Today on Teton Passs 12/03/12