Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 Fall Trails, Colors, and Summits

The months of September and October have shelved out several outings into the various local mountain ranges. The trips have been mostly hiking adventures which have included long days walking in the various weather and trail conditions. A few early snow storms have produced some snow in the higher elevations in the surrounding mountain ranges.
The varying terrain can make travel tricky and much slower as conditions vary widely. Planning and timing of route selection becomes more challenging in the higher elevations. Expect Fall colors in certain locations as the tree’s spill out their last colors before winter arrives. The trails are mostly quiet now and few people are seen except for hunters.
Snow, cold temperatures, and wet conditions can be expected at the higher elevations. September and thus far this October have netted nine notable peaks in four different mountain ranges. Snow capped mountains and cooler temperatures have arrived with wind to produce dynamic large scale views.
The trail walking and hiking this time of year produces great glimpses of migrating elk herds, migratory birds blowing and quickly passing through the area, and other tracks of big wild animals gathering food before winter season.
Excellent hiking partners, solo trips, and Bella dog have provided many laughs amongst the beauty and adventure. 
September started off with Buck Mountain and Table Mountain in the first half and finished with Steamboat Peak, Palmer Peak, Grand Teton, and Antoinette. October has yielded Cache Peak, Powder Peak, and Jefferson Peak. The recent mountain ranges include the Gros Ventre, Teton, Snake, and Centennial.